Flow applet parameters

  There are 10 parameters for the free version of Flow applet. Only image1 is required.


An Explaination of the Parameters

imagen - The GIF image(s) to be used in spot number n. The parameter names start with image1 and end at image6 (16 for the Pro version). You need at least 1 image. The color set as transparent will allow the water behind it to flow through. Shy away from animated GIFs.
BackWater - The image (water) to flow behind the images specified by the imagen parameters. This value can be either a GIF or a JPEG. The default value is BackWater.gif.
FlowSpeed - The rate of speed at which the applet runs; effects both the water flow speed as well as the cutaway speed for the images. Default value is 20.
DriftSpeed - The rate of speed at which the front images drift away. A value of 1 makes the images drift at the speed of the water; higher integers cause the images drift faster than the water is flowing. If there is only one image, this parameter has no effect. Default value is 1.
pause - The length of time that that the current image should stay still, before floating away. If there is only one image, this parameter has no effect. Default value is 200.
hovercolor - Available only with FlowPro.
link - Available only with FlowPro.


  First, create a GIF image with transparency. Copy the image to the same directory as Flow.class and set the image filename as the value in the image1 parameter. Repeat these steps for image2 through image6, if desired. The image(s) used will not stretch to fit the applet window, so be sure to use the appropriate width and height when creating images.

  You will also need a BackWater image. You can create your own GIF or JPEG or use the included BackWater.gif. Make sure that the image is at least as big as the applet window, or there will be smearing.


  • Large (tall) images may appear to have a slow flow time, especially on slower machines.
  • Slow downs may occur if many instances of Flow on one page. This usually does not occur on faster machines.
  • Using images that do not fit the applet widow may cause undesireable effects.

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