Most of these are just straight out of my bookmarks, so you know they're good stuff. Audited 2004.02.21



    There are some of the first sites that I hit in the morning:

Computer-related Other: US-centric Other: not US-centric
Mini ITX
OS News
The Inquirer
Ars Technica
Extreme Tech
KDE Dot News
Google News
Marist Online
The Fools
Daily Llama
The Register
Power Windows
Guardian Unlimited
The Russia Journal

Decent Legit MP3s

    This section is just getting too big, so I have/will be moving it all to

Internet Radio

    I only really listen to radio if I'm in the car. But I occasionally need to hear someone else's playlist; enter web radio:

Live365 - RustyMetal
Live365 - Progressive Adventures
WDST - Poughkeepsie
WMAR - Marist Radio
Off the Hook

Moving Pictures

    There is some really bad flash/videos on the Net. Really horrendous stuff. So here is the best; my favorites.

All Your Base - #1, hands down
Laid Off - Probably the best flash series ever created. 3 episodes.
Peanutbutter Jelly Time - with a baseball bat
Ride Dat Donkey - Like PBJ Time, but with a different ending
Gonads & Strife - Weeeeeeee!
Yatta - You won't know what this is even after you watch it, but the song will be stuck in your head
Homestar - set a side several hours for this one
'80s Commercials - Oh, yeah. The real stuff. Batteries not included.
Red vs. Blue - Halo is a lot funnier than you think
Radiskull & Devil Doll - Let's kick it!


    I like to read random blogs. But I'm very discriminating. Most of the randoms I glance at don't make the cut. Here are the ones I do read:

Just a kid, pulling through
Matt's Journal
Brian K.'s Journal
SimonPike's Xanga
chocolateprincess83's Xanga
patsy2984's Xanga
JoeCool805's Blog
MooShiny's Xanga
A Jersey Feeling
Morgan Webb | Moblog
Alton Brown: Rants & Raves
Jolene's Dream Diary
st. joan's livejournal | nobody number one
Behind The Lens
The Anti-Unhappy-Christ

Other People's Pages

    If you've got one, I'll post it here.

The Week
Keuling's Korner
Nik's Art Archive. Of Justice.
Phil's 1973 Charger Resource
Lindsey's Website

Distributed Computing

    Distributed computing is so cool. Basically what is going on is that thousands of underutilized processor cycles are being combined to create the equivalent of a giant supercomputer. Any computer can help out, no matter how slow. But Macs are better.

Folding@Home : Team Marist Stats - Help simulate the folding of certain protiens. By finding misfolds, scientists can better understand certain diseases.
DNet - is the model distributed computing organization. Often times they have multiple projects going at one time.
DNet OGR : My Stats - OGR is simply a mathematical pursuit. The project page has the details.
DNet RC5-72 : My Stats - RC5 aims to crack a computer security key. Prize money awarded too.

What's Better

    Here are the stats pages of pics that I've submitted to What's Better:

Mr. Peanut
Romeo The Dog
Marist Rotunda
Tux Over Redmond
Yoohoo Skull
Sarah Bryant
Iron Maiden 2000
Grace Under Pressure
Moving Pictures
Burninating Cottages
Trog Dor
Strong Bad
Foo Fighters
The Colour & the Shape
Nothing Left to Lose
Stuffing Doormouse in a Teapot
Geico Gecko
Chris Matthews
Leaky Capacitor


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