Some of the ink I spill on dead trees is sometimes web-worthy stuff. (Note: now there's some non-written stuff too.) Here I present the best of it:

Case Mods

April 2003.08.02
Digital Picture Frame 2004.12.11

Lyrics from Unpopular Bands

Time Machine - "Evil" Lyrics 2003.03.12
Time Machine - "Reviviscence" Lyrics 2004.06.19
Helreid - "Fingerprints of the Gods" Lyrics 2003.03.29


The Journey of a WWW Request 2002.11.06
The Werriam-Mebster Dictionary 2003.12.11
Random Conversation Generator 2002.12.06
The Chart 2003.02.28
Buddy Icons 2003.03.13
IS130 Final Project 2003.05.15
Favorite Excerpts from ItBWtC 2003.06.12


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